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I specialise in video coverage of amazing conferences, workshops and summits
all around the world. I deliver quality work for their social media within 12 to 24 hours from the end of the event. In the past 4 years I have produced content for TEDxBristol, G(irls)20, Camp Rising Sun, United World Colleges, Sky News, VOXI, as well as produced and directed a number of successful short films and documentaries.


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I take big pride in being able to help my clients organise their lives and businesses. In the past I have worked with BAFTA-winning film directors, indie producers, key individuals running Bristol's music scene as well as numerous clients worldwide for remote work.
As I seem to have a talent for organizing many things besides film sets, I’m also experienced in events and project management.


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Since I have been living quite an international life working in creative industries all around the world and I have been financially independent since I was 16, I feel like I can do a lot to inspire young people. I give inspirational talks regularly and I have given a talk in TEDx Youth conference titled “How To Fail A Gap Year Gloriously”. I also love working with youth and have done a lot of film workshops as well as mentoring work with international students in from over 10 countries.

“On numerous occasions, I told the team that Sonia was one of the very best highlights of this summit and I truly mean that.”